A Runner’s Strength: Mandy Melody

by Admin on February 11, 2016

We love hearing the weight loss improvements from our Boot Camp and Online Fitness programs, BUT, some of our favorite testimonials come from non-scale victories. Take a look at Mandy’s story. She’s a runner through and through and DumBell Fitness® Boot Camp improved her time significantly.

Mandy recently qualified for the Boston Marathon on June 26th. Please join us in congratulating her and leave a huge, “GOOD LUCK MANDY” in the comment section.

In Mandry’s own words:

“DumBell Fitness has taken me to a whole new level of fitness. I am 38 years old and for last 20 years, have made working out and eating consciously a lifestyle but it wasn’t until joining up with DumBell Fitness that I became stronger and faster than I have ever been. Weight training has never interested me but it has been crucial part to being better and faster at my passion, running. Without DumBell, I just wouldn’t to it. Christina Bell Landry has an awesome program and a true gift for motivating and for teaching and for keeping it real. She facilitates a positive atmosphere that leaves no room for negativity. All the participants build each other up, no matter what their level of physical fitness. Everyone is welcome, you just have to show you are trying. I encourage everyone, whether they are brand new to working out or have been training for years, to see what positive changes DumBell Fitness can make for them. For me personally, I have shed 11 minutes from my marathon time and gained entry into the Boston Marathon 2016 and I have taken off around 15 minutes of my half marathon time, putting me near the front of my age group in most races I run and I don’t feel like I am anywhere near plateauing. This wouldn’t have happened without DumBell Fitness. My arms, abs, legs and back have never looked or felt so good:)”

Trish, Meghan, Helena, and Mandy (from left to right) the day after the Honolulu Marathon in 2015.


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