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Dear Recruit:

I’d like to welcome you to the DumBell Fitness site, and thank you for stopping by! Since we opened in 2009, our number one priority has been serving military families. My husband and I are both Navy veterans (I served for 3 years and my husband is currently stationed here in Hawaii after 16 years of service). I have been through the struggles of long deployments with young kids, and I know first-hand how hard it can be to put yourself first. After dealing with these struggles personally, and watching other spouses go through the same thing, the idea of DumBell Fitness was born. I wanted to pair my passion for fitness with my desire to help military spouses be at their strongest.

What makes this program different than other Boot Camps? First, we offer free childcare on-site. Our childcare workers, most of whom are military spouses and mothers themselves, are all CPR-certified. Second, we offer monthly weigh-ins and measurements so you can always hold yourself accountable. To encourage our members to get their best results, recruits at each Boot Camp location compete monthly for the Biggest Loser title. Third, our recruits are surrounded by other military spouses that are also experiencing the challenges of PCSing and dealing with deployments. Each class forms their owns support system inside and outside of Boot Camp—they challenge each other in class and go on runs and hikes together outside of class.

I thank God every day for the opportunity to do work that not only allows me to pursue my passion, but also allows me to bring together military spouses in a healthy way. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and for allowing us to a part of yours.

In Health,
Christina Bell Landry

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