Are you sick of doing the same old DVD workout in your house?

Did you recently PCS or move and want to stay connected with DBF?

Have small children and unable to find a workout program with childcare?

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Then DB4L is for you! This interactive, online program provides members across the globe with amazing workouts and support. Never again will you plateau with your expensive fitness videos. All DB4L members receive new and updated daily workouts demonstrated by Christina Bell Landry. These workouts can be performed at home or can easily travel with you.

DB4L also provides 24-7 accountability and support. An online social forum gives members the opportunity to share their goals, struggles, and new fitness and nutrition ideas.

Online Package
    • Weekly 45 minute strength workout video
    • 4 written workouts with video instructions per week (3 strength, 1 cardio)
    • Online measurement sheet
  • Workout log
  • Weekly fitness/health articles
  • Weekly recipe cards
  • Video blogs
  • Social forum
DB4L eliminates all excuses.
We are available anytime, anywhere, 24-7.
Make the commitment to get fit and stay fit.
Tomorrow you’ll regret not starting today.