DumBell CORP

DumBell CORP: Nutritional Class

Christina Landry

DumBell CORP is a supplementary nutritional course that compliments our traditional Boot Camp class. This 6-week course provides attendees with an overview of the basics of healthy eating and exercise. Each of the weekly sessions focuses on a new lesson and features takeaways and healthy recipes.

The first 45 minutes of each session are held class-room style; the last 15 minutes of each session is reserved for an open forum where attendees can ask questions and share their personal experiences and challenges.

Each week, CORP participants will have:

  • Access to an AFPA-certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
  • Weight and measurement tracking
  • A voluntary food journal review
  • Live demonstrations focusing on recipes and new exercises
  • On-site, quality childcare at no additional cost

The next session of CORP will begin soon.

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Cost: $99 + tax for the 6-week course. We meet once a week.

Class Times: 11:00am

Instructor: Christina Landry

Location: 1793 Avenida Cafe, Camarillo, CA. 93012