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Do you offer refunds?

Once class begins, we do not offer refunds. Your spot for the month cannot be reassigned once class begins. If you miss classes you can use our online workout program, DB4L, 24/7.

Do you prorate classes?

No, we do not.

What happens if I miss a class?

Dumbell Fitness offers an online workout option called Dumbell Fitness 4 Life or DB4L to all of its active clients. DB4L is an online workout program that offers daily workouts, exercise demonstration videos, and full length video workouts with owner and lead trainer Christina Bell Landry. If you have not received your username, password, or have difficulty with the program please e-mail customerservice@dumbellfitnes.com.

Can I bring a guest or spouse?

Guests visiting from the mainland or spouses can attend classes on a drop-in basis. The fee is $10 and a spot must be reserved in advance by e-mailing j.hartman@dumbell-fit.com. No Hawaii resident is allowed to just come “try out” the class before joining.

How does the childcare work? How many childcare workers are in the room?

Our childcare facilities are located within each location’s community centers. Our childcare doors open 15 minutes before class begins. The children are separated by age (babies, toddlers, and older kids) within the rooms. We offer playtime, crafts, and outdoor activities. All of our childcare workers are CPR-certified. The number of childcare workers varies by the size of the class enrollment, but the average is 4 workers per class. Children should be picked up from the childcare rooms within 5 minutes of class ending.

What equipment do I need for class?

You will need a yoga mat, an exercise band with handles, water, and sunscreen. You may also want to bring a sweat towel.

Are you classes for all fitness levels?

Yes! We have recruits in our classes of varying ages and fitness levels. Those that cannot start out at running will walk—with purpose! Our classes are four weeks long and each week we increase our repetitions: Week 1 is 10 counts, Week 2 is 12 counts, etc.

What if it rains? Do we work out on holidays?

We absolutely work out if it rains! To date, we have never cancelled class due to weather. The only reason we would cancel is if there is severe lightning in the area. We do work out on holidays, with the exception of Christmas day. If your regular class schedule falls on a holiday, you can count on class being held.

How can I work for DumBell Fitness?

If you would like to apply for a trainer or childcare position, please e-mail your resume to customerservice@dumbellfitness.com. We will notify you of any current openings.