Ford Island Bridge Run Recap

by Admin on April 16, 2014

Did you hear?! DumBell Fitness seriously ROCKED the 2014 Ford Island Bridge Run! Recruit Leigh Booher placed 1st in her age group! Trainer Michelle Ragain came in 2nd, and recruit Kimberly Higdon came in 4th! Way to represent!

Many recruits and DBF trainers run the annual Ford Island Bridge event, and this year was no exception. For many, the bridge run is their very first race! Since the race, we caught up with a few of our “Bellas” and got their take on the Bridge Run experience.

Ford Island recruit Jessica Anderson was so excited to feel like she could finally accomplish this. “This was my very first race. I have only been with DBF for one month, but in that month I have gained more confidence and stamina to do the things I want to do.” Jessica says the enthusiasm and support from other DBF runners was motivation to keep moving! “It didn’t matter that I had to stop to walk. Christina has helped me to realize that I can push myself to be the best I can be. I ran as much as I could and I crossed that finish line! I am so happy to be a part of DBF!”

This was also Hickam recruit Pam Chatham’s first race as well! “I’ve always wanted to be a runner and never thought I could do it,” says Pam. She started attending bootcamp 2 years ago and loves it! In August 2012, she began running, but never more than a mile. Gradually she increased her distance to around 3 to 3.5 miles. “The 10k was the goal so I stepped it up and before the race I’d gotten up to 5 miles,” she explains. Pam’s husband also raced with their two daughters in a double jogging stroller! “We never had the idea to run together because he is much faster and my running is a solo sport, but we wanted to all do it as a family event.”

Starting out much faster than usual, Pam says with the view and the crowd she was in the moment! After a couple of miles she settled back to her normal pace. “At over 3 miles, I had to walk about a quarter mile. I told myself I could still finish strong. After 2 years of bootcamp and natural childbirth, I knew it was a mental game.” Keeping a good pace over the bridge Pam walked again. Another runner came up behind her and told her, “No. you need to run. You’ve been my pacer for a few miles now, and I need you to run. You can do it.” Pam ran! Knowing her husband and daughters would be waiting at the finish line, she paced herself to cross that finish line strong. “My husbands’ co-workers said, ‘Good job, Pam! Only 2 meters left!’ so I began to run again. I saw my family out of the corner of my eye and heard my daughters voice, ‘Go Mommy, Go!’ I sprinted through the grass!” After so many sprints in bootcamp, Pam’s body knew what to do! “I ended strong and felt great! I will do it again. I am a runner!” Pam is proud to have worked with many of our awesome trainers, and to have been a part of the DBF team. “Sadly next month will be my last here in Hawaii, but I’m taking you all with me for life!”

“I’d love to say that I’ve been training rigorously for months for the 10K, but the truth is, I’ve found it really hard since moving here 3 years ago to find time to train for a race,” DBF recruit Leigh Booher tells us. “With 3 little ones under the age of 6, I haven’t been able to put the time into my running like I wish I could. I would have run more on the off days, participated in the Saturday fun runs, but without childcare, that’s been tough. I’ve been so grateful for DumBell Fitness workouts because of the available childcare! It’s allowed me to get my workouts in while my husband is gone and stay in shape!”

Leigh decided to sign up for the Ford Island Bridge Run. “I went ahead and paid for the race, knowing that if I spent the money and had a date on the calendar, I would put in the time needed to get in good running shape.” Leigh reveals that she is a competitor by nature so having that date would keep her motivated. Getting the runs in on off days with her kiddos by her side, she made it happen. “I’d do these runs pushing my two younger ones in a double stroller and sometimes with my 6-year-old riding along side on his bike!” When her husband was home, Leigh was able to get in the longer runs on the weekends, adding a mile each week to her 3 mile base.

Going into the race, Leigh says she didn’t have many expectations except that she wanted to run faster than her training pace. Her goal was to run the entire race in under 48 minutes. She also knew that her friend and trainer Michelle Ragain would be running about the same pace. “I wanted to stick with her if she ran past me. Other than that, I just wanted to run it without stopping!” Admitting that she starts fast because of adrenaline and her competitive nature, Leigh says she calmed down around mile 2 and found her comfortable pace. “Twice during the race I wanted to stop and walk, but I talked myself out of it. I kept telling myself that it’s less than 1 hour of pain – shorter than a bootcamp class! I can do this!”

Surprised that she won, Leigh was also surprised that she beat her goal time of 48 minutes. Running the race at a 7:13/mile pace, she credits DBF for keeping her going during the race. “I really wasn’t in that good of running shape, but I’m a stronger person that I used to be mentally and physically because of the strength training at bootcamp. “A few years ago, I would have quit during the race,” she shared. “I’m actually super proud that I was able to talk myself out of stopping and push on to surprise myself with my finish. My passion for racing has been lit again! I’m hoping to win free Jamba Juice with the Banana Man Chase this May!”

DumBell Fitness is proud to have been so well represented by such awesome athletes! Getting in your training, even incorporating your families, and making no excuses to do what you set out to do is something of which you should be extremely proud! Have no doubt that all of us at DBF are beyond proud of everyone that participated!

Congratulations runners on an outstanding job at the 2014 Ford Island Bridge Run!

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