Low Impact/Hot Mama’s


DumBell Fitness offers a Low Impact class designed for those just beginning their fitness journey and those who are expecting. The class is located at the Island Family Christian Church (IFCC) off Salt Lake Blvd run by trainer Lauren Bauer. Each class is one hour long, and each session lasts four weeks.

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M/W/F – 0830-0930


DumBell Fitness classes that are three days a week are $110 + tax per four week session. The fees are due monthly, and can be paid by cash, check or credit card. DumBell Fitness also offers an automatic payment plan.


The IFCC has a wonderful babysitting option. There is no extra fee to use the babysitting facilities and care is available for children ages 6 weeks and older. Our babysitters are CPR-certified, and many are also part of the military community. Babysitting doors open 15 minutes before class and close 10 minutes after class.


January 4th – January 29th
One Week Off
February 8th – March 4th
One Week Off
March 14th – April 8th
One Week Off
April 18th – May 13th
One Week Off
May 23rd – June 17th
Two Weeks Off


Island Family Christian Church – Click here for directions