Success Story – Carmen Paguirigan

Carmen Paguirigan Success Story

December 2010


Carmen Paquirigan“My friend asked me to join Bootcamp with her and I’m not one to tell a friend no. I walked into Christina’s class with no expectations. I have never lost weight (besides the initial loss after giving birth). The pounds slowly stacked up over the years. I kept telling myself that I still looked okay, yet I avoided mirrors and cameras. Sadly, as I was looking through family photos to find a “before” picture of myself, I noticed that I have drastically fewer photos of me compared to everyone else.

So many times I have put others before myself, but not today. By the third week, something clicked… I really wanted this! I needed this in my life! Yeah, it’s challenging, but I embrace the challenge. It’s the challenge that makes it worthwhile. Life is too short to say “I can’t”.

I’m so thankful that my friend introduced me to Bootcamp. I will always be indebted to Christina for changing my life. Not only have I become physically stronger but my self-esteem is through the roof. I never thought that this was possible!

I have lost 22 pounds and 19.75 inches over the last seven months. No diet supplements or special diets. Just exercise and eating right (well, most of the time anyway :-) . Thank you for this life changing experience!”

Carmen Paguirigan (aka Aggie)
December 2010