Success Story – Cody Vernon

Cody Vernon Success Story


Cody VernonCody Vernon has been a regular at the McGrew Point Boot Camp since August. Over the past 6 months, Cody has lost an amazing 40 pounds! In the past, he had struggled with motivation and consistency, but Cody says trainer Cheri Kendall changed all of that. Cody states, “Cheri Kendall deserves a big shout out! She has kept me motivated for the past several months and helped me establish a habit of exercise.”

“Watching Cody’s transformation has been so rewarding as a trainer,” says Kendall. “He is the hardest-working member of McGrew crew, day after day. From the beginning, even at 40 pounds heavier, you could see his determination to take back control of his body and bring a higher level of energy to his life and family.” She also teases, “Did I mention he has a great sense of humor and doesn’t mind that many of my stories are ‘for the girls?’ All joking aside, with his weight loss and running successes, he is an amazing role model for our team.”

Cody also cites an improved diet that focused on more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins for his weight loss. He also gives credit to his wife, saying, “I would be remiss if I did not mention my biggest inspiration: my wife, Kyle. For years now she has been getting up early 4-5 times a week and is out the door to exercise before she starts her day. The support and encouragement I receive from her is priceless when it comes to my success!”

“Cheri, along with many of my fellow Boot Campers, helped me train for and run my first half marathon a few weeks ago! I was able to finish the program all due to the strength I have gained from such a great program,” says Cody. “My biggest heartfelt thanks to Cheri, the McGrew Crew, my family, and DumBell Fitness for helping me get back on the right track!”