Success Story – Jayde Gaines

Jayde Gaines Success Story


Jaiyen Gaynes
I started bootcamp in September 2011. My fourth child was 8 months old and I was still hanging on to the weight. The weight came from zero portion control and a complete lack of exercise. I needed a change. I signed up for bootcamp thinking, “Ok, this will be familiar. I’m not completely new to working out.” But I was wrong. You don’t start bootcamp familiar with it but it ends up that way. I lost two pounds my first month and while it didn’t seem like much, I felt amazing. Little did I know future results would be so profound.

Here’s the thing about bootcamp: YOU do the work but your trainer gives you the motivation and helps you find “the new you” each day. My trainer is Christina and the messages she sends in each class has become the new voice in my head reminding me of how far I’ve come and to always keep going. You reach your first goal, set a new one. You reach that goal, set a new one. The new you commits to a lifestyle change making you a constant work in progress, never quitting and never again settling to complacency.

Christina’s passion is infectious. She makes you want to do better, to eat better, to step outside of your comfort zone and to be stronger both physically and mentally. I surpassed my goal weight 10 lbs ago and I can honestly say I NEVER thought I’d see high school weight again. I have lost 32 lbs and 20 inches in the past 6 months. I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence and strength. Her message is simple: Eat clean, work hard and dedicate time to YOU. Your health depends on it. There are very few things that actually change a person’s life in the true sense of the phrase, and bootcamp is one of them.

Thank you, Christina, for allowing me to share my never ending journey with you (and with so many others) and for helping me to discover who I was meant to be!

Jayde Gaines