Success Story – Katy Chaffin

Katy Chaffin Success Story


Katy-Chaffin-before-afterI am a mom of two and a Navy veteran. I never dreamed that I would have let myself gain as much weight as I had… I allowed myself all the normal “Mom” excuses. Christina took them away and I am beyond grateful! Bootcamp has changed me forever and found my inner athlete that had been laying dormant for far to long.

I started bootcamp in July of 2011. The first month was so hard and really let me see how badly I had been treating myself for so long. I was always too busy taking care of my family to take care of me, what a joke! I have learned that taking 60 mins a day out of my life-for my life is awesome! I have energy for my kids, my husband and my life. Since July I have lost 30lbs and 17 or so inches! I have completed a half marathon, a biathlon, and am training for another biathlon and a triathlon! Crazy!!! Christina has given me back the most awesome version of myself. I have never felt so confident in my own skin.

My new motto – BE SELFISH FOR 60 MINS EACH DAY! You will never be sorry for giving yourself the gift of fitness and healthy eating! Christina, I owe you more than I can even express in words. You are so good at what you do and have created such a wonderful program! You will forever live in my head even after I leave Hawaii…I will never quit on myself again. I will always “Do the damned thing!”

Thank you,
Katy Chaffin