Success Story – Kristy Ortega

Kristy Ortega Success Story

May 2012

Today’s Success Story features Ford Island Boot Camper Kristy Ortega! We love how unique her story is!

Kristy Ortega

“I was dragging my feet when I was first asked to be a Success Story because I am more of a work in progress: my journey is not complete yet. My story is not about weight loss as much as being in shape,” begins Kristy. “As busy moms, we tend to put everyone else first and tend to neglect ourselves.”

“After having foot surgery, I was so out of shape and a bit overweight from being inactive and I knew it was time to put me first! So, I decided to join DumBell Fitness,” remembers Kristy. “My neighbors were attending Boot Camp so I thought I would give it a shot. Before my first session, I was so nervous! That first workout was extremely hard, but I kept coming. Christina motivated me each day during my first month, even though she made me very nervous because she liked to yell at me! She was exactly what I needed in my life. My motto was to just keep coming and eventually it would get easier…..and before I knew it I wasn’t dying every day after class.”

Overall, Kristy has lost 15 pounds. “The weight was very slow to come off at first, but after 6 months I was the Biggest Loser with a 7 pound weight loss! As my first year passed with DumBell Fitness I was down from a size 12 to a size 6, but needed more motivation. So, I decided to become a runner and signed up for my first half marathon! Christina’s motivation to run at least 20 minutes after Boot Camp each day helped sustain the cardio I needed for the half marathon. As an older Boot Camper, I thought to myself, ‘what the heck have I signed up for!?’ As I trained I found that I enjoyed running even though after my back surgery 18 years ago I never thought that would be possible. But I did it! Yes, me, Kristy Ortega, ran a half marathon!”

Kristy’s workout routine is Boot Camp 3 times a week, and she also tries to run 10-15 miles a week. “Boot Camp has helped me become a stronger person both physically and mentally because I no longer use any excuses. I can do it if I try…I have to at least try. I just make sure I show up each class. I am not the fastest and hardly ever in the front, but I show up each session and try my hardest for me. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to diet, so class and Christina are a daily reminder that I need to fuel my body with healthy food to get the best results. I have learned that diet is the key ingredient in making healthy choices. I have used Weight Watchers to help me keep a food diary and keep me honest. It’s a great tool to help me understand what is a healthy choice. I was shocked by what I thought was healthy! Christina helped me learn that just because I mess up one day, I shouldn’t give up, but remember that tomorrow is a new, fresh start.”

Christina was proud to watch Kristy’s journey to a healthy lifestyle, saying “During her first few months of Boot Camp, Kristy struggled to take the weight off. But then the light went on, and her weight just started to fall off. Month after month, I saw the definition coming out in her arms and legs. She started wearing spandex workout clothes and she had a major confidence boost! Her friends, at least 3 or 4, saw her success and joined the class because of her. When she started, she wasn’t the best runner, but now she is always pushing her way to the front of the line, and with a smile on her face! She uses the heaviest resistance band and the biggest medicine ball for almost ALL of our exercises. She’s tiny in stature, but her enthusiasm for health is huge! And, it’s contagious.”

“I love Christina! She knows just how to motivate you and show you that you are the only one that can help yourself,” says Kristy. “She will meet you half way, but you have to show up, too! I love how all the other members are so encouraging, and I can honestly say I’m addicted to the program. I have met some really awesome people through my experience at DumBell Fitness and have enjoyed every bit of the class. I love Christina’s wonderful sense of humor; I am so blessed to have her in my life! She has NO IDEA what she and her program has done for me!”

“I am honored to be a Success Story but stay tuned….I’m just getting started! I just move at a slower pace!”