Success Story – Linda Groom

Linda Groom Success Story

July 2012 2012

Today we are happy to highlight the success story of long-time Ford Island Boot Camper Linda Groom! Congratulations, Linda!

Linda Groom

Linda joined the 0715 Ford Island Boot Camp in September 2010 to prepare for a scheduled hysterectomy in December. “I wanted to give myself the best chance of a quicker post-op recovery. I returned to Boot Camp at 5 weeks post-op! It felt better to exercise than to be inactive.” 

Linda’s weekly exercise routine is Boot Camp on MWF, and walking or swimming 3-4 times per week. “I try to walk for 20 minutes or swim for 30 minutes,” says Linda. “On our off weeks, I run for about 50 minutes for swim for 30 minutes Monday-Friday.”

To stay accountable for her diet, Linda weighs in weekly at Weight Watchers. “I try to not buy a lot of dessert or snack items because it is too easy to waste calories on stuff that’s in my pantry. I drink mostly water. However, I do like coffee! I always aim to keep fresh fruit in the house, salads in the fridge and to serve vegetable and a protein for dinner.”

“I didn’t exercise at all growing up,” recalls Linda. “I always felt like maybe I could have, but wasn’t able to participate in sports because of my parent’s work schedules. I couldn’t really swim, despite growing up on the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, MD. I did know how to water ski, though, and that was actually my first date with my husband, Tom!” 

Linda credits her 35-year stint as an Army wife for motivating her to exercise daily. “You always see people out running (early!) when you live in military housing and feel like a slug if you haven’t done anything that day! That’s is why I like the 0715 class because I start the day off early, and I can check that off my list for the day. It’s a friendly, non-competitive group despite the transiency of many of the ladies.”

“Boot Camp has given me the edge to do the toning that aerobics never accomplished for me,” says Linda. “Toning wasn’t an area that I had been able (or willing) to tackle on my own. Anyone can do Boot Camp. It seems a little brutal at first, but it’s totally doable. I’m 57 years old and still able to crank out the routines, even though I’m not a fast runner!”

“Christina might not like this,” laughs Linda, “but I find it mindless to obey her commands! I don’t even have to think about what to do next. She barks out commands; I obey! I feel that she truly cares about the ladies that attend. Many women battle their weight for a lifetime and think poorly of themselves. I appreciate the efforts to give these ladies the chance to improve their fitness and overall health, and ultimately their marriages and ability to care for their families.”

Christina loves having Linda in her morning classes. “She is a true example Boot Camp works for anyone at any stage of their lives. She has worked up to the heaviest level of weights and bands. She is a mother of 6 and still finds the time to put herself and her health first for one hour a day. I love her positive attitude and that she always brings some of her family along. Linda understands that fitness is not just about achieving a specific goal, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle at every level of fitness and at any age.”