Success Story – Lori Stoffers

Lori Stoffers Success Story


Lori StoffersYou probably hear this all the time, but I believe you have saved my life. I feel compelled to say thank you, even though those words don’t do it justice and don’t really encompass the dramatic changes made in my life, with your direction.

I am a mom of two children, ages 2 years and 11 months. Needless to say, they keep me busy but that’s all I was doing. And feeling like a slug more often than not. I had become complacent and decided that this body was the body of a mom and that’s how it was going to be. I would wear my fat like a badge of honor, because I was a mom. And at least I was never the ‘fattest’ in a room, right? I was ok with average, not standing out, and just getting by. Complacency. I would make self deprecating jokes, because if I beat someone to the punch, then they couldn’t laugh. I would laugh at myself first.

A friend of mine suggested we do a 10k. Ha! Not hardly. I’m not a runner. I can walk and walk fast, but run? Ugh. My standard joke was that I only run when someone is chasing me. She was gracious enough to walk it with me when I overdid my practice and had shin splints and runners knee. But I did it. That was the beginning.

This same friend then suggested we do “bootcamp”. What?! She had been in the military herself, but not me. I wouldn’t be able to take it. There’s no way. The self talk was immediate and negative. We’d been walking and running every other day and we were motivating each other and it was good, but we needed more. So reluctantly (VERY RELUCTANTLY) I signed up.

Something went off in my head after that first bootcamp workout. It was BRUTAL. I sobbed all the way home. The epiphanies were raining in my mind. How the hell did I let myself get this far gone? When did I stop doing things for me and just let others lead me around like an old pony? What do I want? Why have I given up?

The second (and every workout thereafter) has been hard, but not like that first one. Its definitely not easy, but IT IS WORTH IT. I am worth it. And after every single workout, it dawns on me – I did something I didn’t think I could do. I am stronger than I think.

I’d always heard “you have to put yourself at the top of your to-do list”. Sounds fine, but I never really got it. It just seemed so Oprah-y and cliche. I get it now. Because of working my body, nourishing it with good food instead of crap, and taking that hour a day to work on me, I am becoming a better mother, a better friend, and most certainly a better wife! I am more present in the moment. The negative self talk responses have been replaced (most of the time!) by one question: Why not?! Why not me? I can do this. I can finish strong. I can quit quitting. I am getting stronger every day. This is so much more than a workout. A lot of it for me has been mental and emotional. I am earning my self respect again. I am earning the right to hold my head up and stand proud. And I’m going to earn the right to wear what I want!

You are so gifted in what you do. Its a fine line between beating someone down and calling them out on their B.S. and then giving them the tools to better themselves. You’ve empowered me more than you know. I cannot thank you enough. You’ve not only given me my life and health back – you’ve made it better.

Thank you!