Success Story – Shannon Wohlgemuth

Shannon Wohlgemuth Success Story


Shannon WohlgemuthBefore finding boot camp, I believe, I was in a downward spiral. I wasn’t happy with myself, which made me unhappy with life in general. I had never thought of myself as the “fat” girl but looking at pictures, (the few that I allowed to be taken), I had most certainly become my idea of the “fat” girl. And I hated it! But I kept telling myself I just didn’t have the time to work out. “I can’t do it.” “When do I have time?” I would say to my husband over and over. Then I ran into a girlfriend of mine, after not seeing her for awhile, and she looked great! She told me she had joined a boot camp and that she loved it. I could see such a huge difference in her and I was so envious.

When I found out that I was going to be starting boot camp I felt like I had won the lottery. That is, until my first day of class. It was so grueling! I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea working out could be so hard. Little did I know it was only that hard because I had done little to no exercise for years. As Christina will say, “It’s a testament to what you have done to your body.” And she isn’t kidding. I didn’t want to go back after the 1st class. But I made myself. I didn’t want to be a quitter anymore. I wanted to prove that I could do it. And I had the desire to make myself a better person. Now I know what some of you might be thinking, that you can’t measure a person by their appearance, and you are correct. However, what Christina and her class have done for me is more than just weight loss. I am no longer the girl that is in that downward spiral. In fact, now I am climbing mountains, (literally). Christina has made me realize that I am worth it. This isn’t for anyone but me. For one hour a day, I get to be selfish and just work on me. And you know what…. that’s okay. I need to be strong and healthy for me before I can be strong and healthy for anyone else. And a funny thing happens when you become a stronger woman. You automatically become a better Mommy, Spouse and Friend. It’s amazing! So I stuck with the grueling workouts, even when I thought I might die. And over time I have learned to hold my own. I love boot camp. I love working out. And I have learned that I love running. I recently completed my first 8-mile race. And while I didn’t win the race by any means, I feel I did a great job.

To date I have lost 32 lbs. and 22 inches. And while I now have to say good bye to Christina, who is an inspiration to me, and to her awesome class and all of the amazing woman you will meet there, I know she has given me the tools that I need to complete this journey on my own. Thank you Christina! I do believe you have saved my life.

Shannon Wohlgemuth
March 2011