Success Story – Stacey Snee – Mrs Hawaii

Stacey Snee – Mrs. Hawaii – Success Story


Stacey Snee Mrs HawaiiDumBell Fitness is proud to feature weekly success stories from our many Boot Camp locations. Today, we’re featuring Stacey Snee, whose story is a little different than our past success profiles. Stacey has long been thin, but found her strength at Boot Camp. She is also bringing fitness and health to children as she competes for Mrs. Hawaii! Congratulations, Stacey!

Stacey Snee currently holds the title of Mrs. Aiea and is competing in the Mrs. Hawaii pageant on Sunday, April 15th. An inaugural “McGrew Crew” member, Stacey has an impressive background. She graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served as both a Surface Warfare Officer and METOC officer during her military career. She also holds a Masters of Science in Nutritional Sciences and is a Registered Dietitian.

When Stacey first began Boot Camp, she was thin, but as trainer Cheri Kendall states, “She was skinny-fat. Stacey is a fantastic example of what the Dumbell Fitness program can do. When she first started, she had no buns and no guns. But, she is now fit, toned, and walking tall with her shoulders back and her girls up high! I am very proud of what she has accomplished and so pleased to have been part of the process.” Since starting at McGrew, Stacey has not only put on muscle, but developed a regular workout routine. “My training regimen is basically just Boot Camp on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at McGrew. I run shorter distance maintenance runs on Tuesday and Thursdays and longer runs on Saturdays or Sundays. A Registered Dietician by trade, my diet basically follows the principles of balance, variety, and moderation.”

In addition to her success in Boot Camp, what we really admire about Stacey is her commitment to fighting the growing childhood obesity epidemic in this country. She specializes in nutrition programs for young children and has a multitude of experience working with families of overweight and obese children. Her hope is that the Mrs. Hawaii platform will allow her the opportunity to bring even more attention to this serious epidemic. DumBell Fitness could not be more proud of her for bringing attention to this critical issue that is also close to our hearts.