Success Story – Stephanie Sherard

Stephanie Sherard Success Story

August 2012

Congratulations to today’s DumBell Success Story, Stephanie Sherard!

Stephanie Sherard

Stephanie Sherard, also known as “Preacher’s Wife,” has been in the Ford Island MWF 0830 course for two and a half years. She first joined upon the recommendation of a friend. “I am so thankful I ran into my old pal and that she told me about her experience with DumBell Fitness. She had two kids, but looked toned and she had lost weight! I had to know what she was doing!”

”I started taking Boot Camp because I was sick of feeling fat and tired. And, I was thrilled that there was someone on site to watch my baby,” says Stephanie. “I think the biggest obstacle for me was not having the option of childcare while working out. It was an excuse I would use a lot!”

Outside of Boot Camp, Stephanie runs with her kids and husband on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings. She also takes Yoga on Tuesday mornings. Stephanie also tries to eat a clean diet. “I try to eat my wholegrain carbohydrates in the morning and then taper off as the day goes by. When dinner comes around, I eat lean proteins and vegetables. Our family also has one cheat day per week. It was hard in the beginning, but now it is a routine that we all look forward to.” 

Stephanie also took DumBell CORP to tweak her diet. “I wanted to refresh what I already knew and to learn more–I did not go to lose weight. I learned a lot of good things from the class! I recommend taking it along with Boot Camp so that you get a good amount of knowledge to start the road to a better and healthier you.”

”My favorite part of Boot Camp is getting to work out outside in sunny Hawaii,” says Stephanie. “I never know what fun exercise I’m going to do that day. My favorite part about Christina is that she is very motivating and I like the sense of humor she brings to the class. She has a way of making you laugh even when you don’t want to!”

“I love seeing Stephanie at Boot Camp,” says Ford Island trainer Christina Landry. “I could tell she wanted the change when she started over two years ago. She lost fat and gained muscle within her first two months and it showed! She visibly looked healthier, leaner, and more energetic. Stephanie always has the best attitude at Boot Camp. She smiles at my jokes (which I love) even though she already heard them a hundred times. I love her enthusiasm and it is contagious. In fact, she even had her husband, Shawn, join the Boot Camp for a couple of months. I also love seeing Stephanie out in town. She is always dressed to the nines and showing off her amazingly fit body! She’s a true testament that a military wife can be a good wife, a good mother, and be good to herself all at the same time.”