Success Story – The Ladies of Waiea Court

The Ladies of Waiea Court Success Story

July 2012

Today we are thrilled to showcase a unique success story. We are featuring four women from the Pearl City Boot Camp. They joined together, they support each other, and they are succeeding together! Congratulations, ladies!

Four ladies from Pearl City: Meghan Blackhall, Alana Evans, Sally Harper, and Feather Nelson, otherwise known as the Ladies of Waiea Court, are collectively kicking serious booty in class. The first recruit to join in March was Meghan Blackhall. Soon after, Alana, Sally, and Feather followed. Pearl City trainer Laurie Weber remembers first meeting these women. “It was clear when this group showed up walking to class together with their kids of various ages in strollers, riding bikes or scooters… they were in this thing together!”

Without further delay…here are the ladies of Waiea Court!

Meghan Blackhall: “I used to run through the community four days a week and I would pass Laurie’s house. She had Dumbell Fitness advertised on a chalk board outside her house with the website. I became interested and went home and did some research about the company and what they have to offer. Shortly after doing some research, I went to the pool with Sally and it must have been fate because Laurie came to the pool as well. I started talking to her about the classes and when I could start. The most motivational statement she said to me was “You either get good at achieving your goals, or you get good at making excuses”. She was absolutely right; I didn’t have any excuses! My husband is deployed, I don’t have any children, and even though I am a full time student my schedule didn’t clash with the time Dumbell Fitness was offered. I went the first month by myself and I began getting compliments from my neighbors. Feather was such a sweetheart and would always compliment me on my arms. This made me push harder to get Alana, Sally and Feather to sign up and do it with me. Now we all support each other and hold each other responsible for our actions, especially when it comes to food. We have shared food, recipes, and websites. Recently on our off days we have been meeting each other in the mornings to workout together. Sally and I have been running together and recently we just hiked Koko Head! We keep things interesting by being each others cheerleaders and trying to lighten up the mood with jokes when things get hard. Having such a wonderful support group has definitely made my life transformation easier and fun. Thank you Laurie, Sally, Alana, and Feather for being such a great support team!”

Sally Harper: “For me it all started the day I met Laurie at the pool. Meghan asked if she was the teacher for the Boot Camp class in Pearl City. Laurie said yes, and she got my attention when she said the program had free childcare! The session had just started the previous Monday, but I waited until the next month to jump onboard. I had no more excuses! Meghan, who joined first, would come back to the cul de sac and give us a report on the workout. I was eager to start. I’ve been ‘losing’ weight for 5 years. We mentioned it to Alana and Feather. For me, I was glad we all started together. We did and still do take pictures of our food and make sure we are going to workout. We are always checking in on each other and give each other a hard time if we slip. Meeting this group of ladies has changed me for the better. Not only am I working out and pushing myself, but I have friends that are right next door. My husband is glad that I have found this group of women and workout class!”

Alana Evans: “I thought that I could work out on my own around my husband’s schedule, but that didn’t last very long! I decided that since Meghan and Sally were going to do Boot Camp, plus the kids would be together in the childcare room, I would join as well. If someone has to miss a class, and our husbands can’t watch the kids, one of us babysits so the other can go to make-up classes. We all want each other to succeed at our goals. We often text the food we’re eating to each other! It helps keep us accountable. I think we all just encourage each other. We started running on days off together if we could. Now I feel better and if I don’t work out or eat healthy, I can feel it, and I don’t like it. I think we found a great support system in each other! I am so sad that I am leaving the island, but I know the girls will keep it up and I will, too, somehow!”

Feather Nelson: “I’ve never been one who’s been active or athletic and am just good with getting by, in any aspect. I’ve never been one to push myself or do better. Until now! I was active duty and had always done the minimum on everything, sad to say. I did what was required and nothing more on bi-annual PT tests. I used to dread mandatory PT days. I was the worst, always last, always dying! I was also an avid smoker. I smoked a pack a day! However, I made it through. I completed my service and took a full time job as wife and mommy. After my second baby in September, I just accepted my weight and health as it was. It is what it is kinda deal. The girls on my street had mentioned this work out group (with child care included!) and they were so excited about it. They didn’t ask, they TOLD me that I was also joining. I know I wouldn’t have done it without them. It’s taken me this long to actually do something about myself. Be it my weight, my fitness, my well being…I was just okay with getting by. And now, I feel amazing! I have a long way to go yet, but I’m on my way. If it wasn’t for these ladies and our awesome trainer pushing me, I would still be on my couch, not eating right, not living right. I set a goal of losing 10 pounds every month but have not reached it yet. I’ve only made it to losing 6 pounds a month, but that’s fine with me! With the support system we have and with DumBell Fitness’ encouragement, I’m loving every step of this new journey and look forward to every work out with an awesome group of gals!”

“The enthusiasm of this group is contagious,” says Laurie. “They cheer each other on during class, they engage in ‘sassy’ talk when the exercises get challenging, and they shout answers to my rhetorical questions! They run by my house during our off weeks and shout ‘good morning!’ while I’m still in my pajamas. They send me pictures of their food and tag me in their pictures on Facebook–they are always keeping themselves accountable!”

Together, these ladies have lost a total of 37.4 pounds and 24.5 inches since joining in the Spring. Proof that having a true support system can truly be the key to success! Way to go, ladies!