Tired of Being Tired, Sick of Being Sick – Success Story

by Admin on December 28, 2015

We love seeing the healthy success Felicity Kielbasa is achieving. If you’re tired of being tired, sick of being sick, please find inspiration from her story! It speaks volumes in the power of healing ourselves. 

“I met my husband on my 21st birthday, I was at my “healthiest” even with recent weight gain from college. He is a submariner, who is gone a lot so I would always take the easy road with meals and after our daughter was born 5 years ago, I’d take care of her meals then feel sorry for myself and begin the vicious cycle of juicing, starving myself,  then emotional eating for days, never any exercise. I decided that I would self heal my hypothyroidism that I had been ignoring since college, with apple cider vinegar and kale because everything you read on the Internet is true.
Almost a year ago after gaining almost 80 pounds in the past 5 years, I was throwing up randomly everyday. I couldn’t control it or put my finger on what was wrong. I slept for hours, would lay in bed all day after dropping my daughter off. I lived in a haze, I couldn’t see past it, I didn’t know how to even see past the next few hours. I admitted to my husband who was gone for most of this that something was wrong. I immediately went on incredibly high dosage of thyroid medication and lost 15 pounds through the summer.
I spoke to the my doctor about still feeling ill and a list of issues, we did another full round of tests and he told me I was borderline diabetic and had polysistic ovarian syndrome. He suggested weight loss drugs, cpap machine, and more appointments. This put me into panic, I am only 30, I want to have more children,  I don’t want to always take medication and be at the doctor’s office. If this is something I can control then I will do everything in my power to change it.
I decided to take a friends advice and check out Dumbell Fitness. The first two classes made me sick, but in a good way. I signed up for the DumBell Fitness® CORP nutrition course and was floored by the things I learned. I quit doing the easy thing; I took different roads home to avoid fast food valley, I started cooking and getting creative with our menu. I realized I have no excuses, I am a stay at mom, I don’t work outside the home, what else do I do with my life that I can’t spend an hour preparing a meal.  3 weeks later and a handful of DumBell Fitness and Nutrition Corp classes I realized I hadn’t been sick in days, and my sleep was well earned at night. I have energy again and can be a good mother and wife because I am finally being good to myself. I still have a long journey to go but I am so happy to finally be putting a foot forward.”
December Boot Camp Winner!


November Boot Camp Winner!

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