Christina Bell Landry

Christina Bell Landry

Instructor at: Pitts Ranch Park

Christina Bell Landry is the owner and lead instructor of DumBell Fitness. Born in Houston, Texas, she grew up eating southern fried comfort foods and participated in little exercise. After graduating high school in 1998, she put off college to start a new life through the Navy. Her three years as a Navy Boatswain’s mate provided her with many new experiences, as well as a newfound love for group exercise.

After separating from the Navy, Christina married a Navy diver and had two children. The pregnancies were hard on her body and left her with an extra 50 pounds. After struggling to lose the weight while also dealing with her husband’s long deployments, she joined a gym in California that had childcare. Before long, she was going to the gym 6 days a week, with a strong preference for Spin classes. Within a year, most of her pregnancy weight was off. Soon after, a favorite Spinning instructor encouraged Christina to become certified herself. After passing her certification test, she began teaching at the same gym that changed her life.

After moving to Panama City in 2007, Christina continued teaching Spin classes, while also becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM). It was also in Panama City that she was first introduced to teaching a boot camp-style fitness course. She was very excited that these classes allowed her to facilitate a personal connection with clients while in a group environment. She took that excitement with her when moving to Hawaii, and in 2009, DumBell Fitness was born. She combined her understanding of the importance of providing childcare for military spouses with a challenging 4-week course, and six years later, Dumbell Fitness had expanded to 15 classes at 7 locations.

Being a military spouse moving was inevitable and in 2016 we were blessed with the opportunity to move to the beautiful state of California. Living in Camarillo, we can see that fitness and diet is an important part of the community and we look forward to leading that movement.

“I want to take away any excuses you have ever made and instead empower your mind, body, and soul. I feel that each of us have a stronger, superior person inside just aching to come out. Through hard work and dedication, I will introduce you to a new and improved you. And before you move away to your next duty station I want to say to you, ‘It’s time for you to become certified.’”


Certified Personal Trainer: America College of Sports and Medicine(ACSM) #644759

Nutrition & Wellness Consultant: American Fitness Professionals & Associates

Certified Group Fitness Instructor:
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America #378910

Step, Kick Boxing, Aerobics, Aqua Fitness Instructor:
International Fitness Association #231614

Spin Instructor: MADD Dog Athletics #114449

CPR and AED Certified: American Heart Association

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