Triumph Over Emotional Abuse and a Weight Loss Success Story

by Admin on January 28, 2016

We love Lisa’s weight loss story. From an abusive relationship to a healthy and strong life. She took her mental. emotional, and physical health into her own hands and, now, shares her success with us:

Back Story:

“I didn’t grow up in the best of households as a child and then my first marriage was very emotionally abusive…. food was always my best friend it never let me down…I have always been overweight my entire life. In fact I can’t think of a memory growing up when I wasn’t fat. I was lost. One day I just was done. I left my ex… I found my husband now and I started for the first time learning who Lisa was. It didn’t happen all at once. It took a lot of healing… healing that I didn’t even realize I needed. He taught me love and made me realize what true love was even at 220 pounds.

One day literally I woke up and looked in my closet for something to wear. This was the moment I hated the most everyday. I cried…literally cried at the end of my bed because nothing fit. I was 28 years old and wearing a 18. I was fed-up with wondering if a store had my size…I was fed-up with having to look in the back of the rack for the larger sizes. My husband literally held me and asked what can we do. That day was the day that I was born again. It sounds so korney but its true. I was fed up. I needed to now move on to the next step for my healing. I joined weight watchers and at that moment of my life it was I needed. I wasn’t ready for anything else. I lost 70 pounds. Sounds amazing right. I lost 70 pounds eating ice cream sandwiches, drinking diet coke and water what was that…. crystal light and splenda in my coffee. If there was a trick on eating anything and losing weight I found it and did it. I could play with my kids, but I couldn’t carry my laundry basket upstairs without being out of breath.”

First Intro To DumBell FitnessĀ®:
“Fast forward and we PCS here in Hawaii. I would watch Christina outside my window and these woman running up the hill at the park and say hell no! I would never….I mean I’m skinny I don’t need to. Honestly I was scared…scared I couldn’t do it…scared of failing. We moved again and then back to Hawaii. The weight started creeping back. I gained 20 pounds and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I knew Weight Watchers like the back of my hand. I was sticking to my points. Why is this happening. I was tired and really really scared because I knew what I needed to do.”
Second Attempt at DumBell FitnessĀ®:
“I was now at the moment of my healing that I needed to be strong. I needed to be a role model for my kids. I will never forget that day… I went on DumBell web-site and signed up it took so much courage to click send. But it was all good because honestly a friend told me there was a wait list so in my mind I wasn’t getting in and, hey, at least I tried. A week later another friend texted me and said, ‘hey you didn’t show up for weigh-ins.’ WHAT! Weigh-ins for what, bootcamp?….I thought there was a wait list?….I was told they can’t take people because babysitting was full?…I need childcare at times… WHAT there is childcare when does it start MONDAY! I called my husband freaking out scared that I actually got in. He talked me off the ledge and boosted my confidence.”
First Class at DumBell FitnessĀ®:
“My first day I thought I was going to die! I was seeing spots…I dropped once I got home. My kids and husband were waiting for me as I walked in. They ask are you OK? Are you going back… 6 months later I’m still going. And I think I have re-built the Lisa that I use to be. I learned so much more then how to exercise.. I am learning what and how to eat…. what healthy friendships are & I learned that I CAN do anything. I learned that I am so much more than a skinny person. And the best thing is I am learning while teaching my children. The are being taught portion controls… everything in moderation….what real food & what WATER is. I don’t think I will ever stop learning and improving myself. I will never stop giving myself challenges. This is a life style. This is MY life style! I am so happy that I have DumBell Fitness to help me along my journey! But really I am so blessed that I clicked send.”
It Worked:

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