Wednesday Winner: Amber Wadsworth, Again!

by Admin on June 18, 2014

Please help us congratulate Ford Island recruit Amber Wadsworth! Amber attends the Tues/Thurs class and earned the title of Biggest Loser with a 4lb weight loss and 2.15%!

This is only her second session of bootcamp and she can’t wait to start up again!

“I found out about bootcamp one morning when I looked out my front window and saw about 30 women working out!” Her first thought was ‘Wow! These women are dedicated!’, but Amber made excuses as to why she wouldn’t be able to do the workouts. “I quickly learned the trainer and owner was my next door neighbor!” Knowing she had to join for her health, she also knew the extra accountability of knowing Christina as her next door neighbor would be the push she needed.

“Since joining DBF, I have tried to eat a higher protein and lower carbohydrate diet. I have been working toward more organic and am still in the process of getting my family on board,” explains Amber. “We still snack but I put healthier snacks in the house instead of the junk I used to!”

For Amber, the most important thing about getting fit is that is isn’t just a diet or a fad workout that fades with time. “It needs to be a lifestyle change. I have struggled with weight since I was about 12 and want to make changes that will last.” Amber says she has tried many fad diets over the years and ordered various workout videos and equipment, but the accountability was key. “I not only want to make this change for me, but for my family. I want to teach my daughters how to eat healthfully so they don’t have to go through what I did.”

“I’m super proud of Amber,” says Christina. “She is killing it out there at boot camp! There is never a day that she brings less than 110%.” Christina has also noticed that Amber moves easier through the agility courses and has seen her muscles getting stronger as she uses heavier medicine balls. “It’s so gratifying! I love that she is not becoming complacent with the old her, she is constantly stretching out her wings and finding a new level of fitness for her body!”

Christina is no doubt motivating, especially since they are neighbors! “She believes in us when we may not believe in ourselves,” Amber tells us. “I thank Christina for lighting a spark in me I never even knew was there!” Amber has not regretting joining the DBF family. “I now know I can do the stuff those women did. Yes, I may have to do the modifications, but it’s better to be out there trying than still watching out from my front window.”


We are so glad you signed up, Amber! Congratulations on earning your Biggest Loser title this session! Way to take a chance and try something new! Keep up the great work!


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