Wednesday Winner: Erin Sigtad

by Admin on May 7, 2014

This week we are congratulating our latest biggest loser, Hickam Hottie Erin Sigstad! Last session, she lost an amazing 9.2 lbs, 5.07%, and 4 inches! Way to go girl!

Erin wasted no time signing up for bootcamp! After getting the all-clear from her doctor post c-section, she signed up in January! Not only did Erin attend bootcamp, but she has also participated in DumBell Fitness’ CORPS class.

Erin tells us that she eats relatively clean. Attending the CORP class, however, has made her more aware of portions and correct calorie intake. “I didn’t think I needed the class,” admits Erin, “but I learned something every week and I really feel like it made a difference in my journey to a healthier me.” Consistency is a key for her as well. “Even though I started out way behind everyone else, I kept at it and didn’t quit.”

“Alicia is so positive and encouraging,“ says Erin. “She is AMAZING! Even when I knew I was modifying almost every exercise, she never made me feel like I was behind. She pushed me to do more, but was always encouraging!” Erin loves that Alicia makes class fun. “All the ladies at Hickam cheer each other on – it’s awesome!”

“Erin is fantastic!” Alicia says. “When she started bootcamp, her baby was only about 6 weeks old! I know I could not have gotten out of bed at 5:30 to workout with a newborn at home – between the sleep deprivation and the best excuse in the world to stay in bed and cuddle!” Alicia says that Erin was a bit disappointed after her first month when the numbers weren’t what she was hoping for. “She told me that she would be my next biggest loser – and she followed through! I am so proud of how much she has achieved!”

“I love everything about DumBell Fitness,” declares Erin. “Everyone I have met from the trainers to the ladies in my class; they all have such a wonderful and positive energy!”

We love you, too, Erin! Congratulations on earning the title of Biggest Loser! Very well done!

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Michele Kuepfer May 7, 2014 at 10:20 pm

Super proud of my friend Erin! I knew you could do it pretty lady!


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