Wednesday Winner: Kelsey Davis

by Admin on April 30, 2014

This week we are celebrating with Ford Island MWF recruit Kelsey Davis! This boot camper lost 4.8 lbs, 3.63%, and a total of 3.25”! Way to go Kelsey!

Kelsey moved to Hawaii from Seattle and at the suggestion of a friend, she signed up for DumBell Fitness bootcamp. She told herself she would just quit after the session ended if she didn’t like the program. That was 18 months ago!

Kelsey believes moderation is crucial. “I don’t deprive myself or I end up overeating. It took me a while to ‘get it’, but I am also working on adding extra cardio on non-bootcamp days,” she explains. “I have back issues and being healthy and fit has helped to lower the levels of pain I’ve experienced in the past.” Having less aches and pains is the key for Kelsey.

Like all of us, stress is a factor in Kelsey’s life. “I find that the less I stress about things I cannot change, the more I am able to focus on the important things, the things I can change,” she tells us. When asked about her class and trainer that has helped her with lessening life’s stress, Kelsey exclaimed, “Both are awesome!” She loves that everyone is so encouraging and that they all motivate each other. “Christina has the ability to push me hard and then I end up doing things I never thought I could!”

Trainer Christina is so proud of Kelsey! “She never gives up! As a petite lady, winning the title certainly took some extreme discipline.” Christina describes Kelsey as a powerhouse participant! Kelsey also brings her husband anytime he has a day off. “It’s great seeing them workout together,” says Christina. “You know what they say, ‘A couple that works out together, stays fit together – and lives longer!’”

We are so proud of your success Kelsey! Congratulations on earning the title of Biggest Loser! Job well done!

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