Wednesday Winner: Michelle Haile

by Admin on June 4, 2014

It had been just 11 weeks since IFCC recruit Michelle Haile gave birth and she came back in a big way – as the Biggest Loser! WOW! Way to go Michelle!

“Since having baby Brandon I have been eating healthier,” Michelle explains. “I know that diet has SUCH a huge impact on weight loss.” Eating more protein and veggies and limiting sugar has helped this amazing recruit not only earn the title of biggest loser at her bootcamp this session, but she was able to do bootcamp workouts for all 9 months of her pregnancy! As if that was not astounding enough, Michelle reports that she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight by the time she started back up this session!

“Knowing I had DBF to come back to was so encouraging,” she reveals. “This has been my routine for two years!” With a newborn, a 2-year-old, a deployed husband and 2 school age kiddos, it’s been her consistent and convenient accountability – as well as her endorphin source! Michelle loves the quote from the film ‘Legally Blonde’ where Reese Witherspoons’ character says, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill people!” Ha! (And so very true!)

“So often stated these past weeks, it’s the babysitters, the friends, the accountability and the understanding of our crazy lives that makes DBF so valuable!” Michelle loves the friends she’s made at IFCC. “I loved being a part of a class that cheered me on through nine months of pregnancy,” she explains. “I was so sad to leave that last day, not knowing if I would be back.” They, of course, welcomed her back wholeheartedly last month! “It will be so hard to leave next month,” says Michelle of her family’s upcoming PCS departure. “I have had four trainers here and loved each one. They’ve made such a difference in my life!” Tanya helped Michelle modify the workouts throughout her pregnancy. Like many recruits, Michelle now hears “the voices” in her head, cheering her on and guiding her in the right direction regarding fitness and nutrition.

“Michelle is the poster child for keeping fit before, during and after pregnancy,” says trainer Tanya Rogers. “Because of her dedication to fitness, she attended bootcamp the day she delivered her baby and was able to rejoin our group 2 months after!. She is an inspiration and a joy to work with!”

Michelle is thrilled to leave the islands having had two children here, but in better shape physically than when she arrived. Excited to continue her fitness journey, she credits DumBell Fitness for changing her life and giving her a passion for working out. “It has given me a confidence and a drive to be the best I can be, to not give up when I’m tired, and to not quit. I am so thankful to have had DBF these past two years. Words do not express what this experience has meant to me – through two deployments and two new babies! Thank you to all I have worked out with, to our trainers, and to Christina for having a vision for us.”

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your journey with us! We are so thrilled for you and your success! Fair winds and following seas Haile Ohana!

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Kelley Filip June 4, 2014 at 6:21 pm

We will miss the Haile family. Michelle, you are Amazing. I’m glad I got to know you a little. Thank you for being such a beautiful family example to us all. I hope we may meet again on some navy path or other. Best wishes to you and yours.
The Filip family


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