Why Figure Competitions Are So Hot Right Now

by Admin on January 21, 2016

Wow! Figure, Physique, and Bikini Competitions, whatever you want to call them, are HOT right now. They are the new trend/fad in fitness.

From a trainers perspective, I totally get it. MONEY!!! If I charm a client and say, “Hey, you have the potential and the look to be in a body competition,” I’m appealing to their vanity and giving them, what they think, is a huge complement. Win-Win! To a trainer, a client competing for a body competition is gold. It’s such a great marketing technique. It means that I have a client that will be with me for at least six-months to a year on a very steady basis. That equals $$$$.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do think there is a place for these competitions. John Romano with Gold’s Gym put out an excellent article in TNation titled, “Ladies, 6 Reasons NOT To Compete: The Truth About Figure, Physique, and Bikini Competitions.” This article says it all, “For the sake of everyone involved, if you don’t have winning potential – as defined by the ideal, not the coach making money off your effort – stay off the stage! There are plenty of pool bars in Florida where you can strut your stuff in a wet shirt for free. Competitions are for athletes.” BOOM! The whole article is great – Read it!

From a health perspective – workout to feel better, to sleep well, to increase your endorphins, to maintain weight loss, to increase weight loss, but ABOVE ALL ELSE, please do not workout just for vanity reasons. There is so much  more to gain, then to just look good in front of a few judges that don’t know you from Adam. I honestly think this competition trend, for the average female, sets us back decades. We shouldn’t need the validation of others to feel good about ourselves. And I’m not even going to get started on the mental, emotional, and nutritional damages that often come with sub-par trainers guiding non-competitive women in these competitions.

And I know what some of you are thinking, ‘I’m not doing it for others, I’m competing for myself, to prove I can do it.’ To prove what? That you can pay money to walk across a stage? Because that’s the only prerequisite – to pay money. I think Mr. Romano perfectly describes it, “There’s this idea that competing serves a great many purposes other than winning, like marking a body transformation, seeing if you can do it, building confidence, having fun, or some other physical affirmation…..you shouldn’t be wasting your time, the audience’s time, the judge’s time, or your fellow competitor’s time.”

Again, I’m not completely against figure competitions. I think they do have their place in the fitness industry for those that already have the predisposition of an athletic body type and are competitive muscle builders by nature. What I am against is the average fitness trainer deceiving their clients,  indulging their client’s self image, just to make more money off of said client.  It’s wrong, it hurts the client, and it waters down the industry of reputable body competitions.

Be careful ladies – The fitness world is a money making industry that will play on your insecurities to meet their monetary goals.

Christina Bell Landry is the owner and lead instructor of DumBell Fitness®. She is also the mother to two beautiful daughters. After successfully battling her own weight loss issues for years, she became a personal and group fitness instructor. Her focus is on weight loss, especially within the military spouse community, as she is a Navy Veteran and is married to a Navy Diver. She runs several Boot Camp classes in Hawaii and recently launched an online workout forum called DumBell 4 Life (DB4L). For more information please check out www.dumbellfitness.com.

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